Vesuvianite Tumbled Crystal


Vesuvianite Tumbled Stone (1pc)

Open yourself to powerful self-healing, clear out emotional clutter, and move forward into your own sense of confidence, spiritual balance, and personal power with Vesuvianite.

Vesuvianite (aka Idocrase) originates from the Mt. Vesuvius region in Italy and is named after the infamous volcano nearby. It is a protective crystal that brings grounding and stability on a spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and even financial level. If you are looking to stimulate growth and reclaim your own personal power, Vesuvianite may be the tumbled stone for you! 

Vesuvianite aids in detaching from past attachments that are slowing you down or keeping you from progressing in the direction you are meant to. This beautiful green gemstone is a stone of the heart chakra and works compassionately to heal and regulate emotions that may be destructive or taking a toll on your mental health. It is said that Vesuvianite uplifts those with depression and calms feelings of regret or guilt making it a stone of self-love and acceptance. It is also known as a crystal of creativity bringing with it the energy of new life and a renewed sense of inspiration.

Tumbled crystals are versatile and can be kept on display or tucked away! 

Associated Chakras: Heart

Origin: Italy

These crystals have been ethically sourced from fairly compensated miners in Napoli, Italy. 


Medium 7/8" - 1 1/4"

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