Trolleite Mini Heart


Trolleite Mini Heart Crystal

Trolleite is a rare healing crystal composed of Quartz, Lazulite, and Scorsalite. It serves as a powerful tool for manifestation, and works to attract what your soul seeks while bringing in higher wisdom. This deeply healing crystal aids in discovering your soul path and connecting you with your Higher Self. It activates your divine light and all energy centers within you, making it a wonderful crystal for energy workers and lightworkers. Trolleite will help to increase your inherent power, intuition, and further develop any psychic gifts.

It heals any imbalances within the throat chakra allowing you to express your inner truth and truly find your soul's purpose. It opens and expands the heart chakra bringing in the beautiful frequency of divine love. 

These Trolleite hearts will clear any emotional issues, fears, and unfavourable mental energy to make way for enlightenment and deep spiritual transformation. Meditate with this to communicate with the divine, your guides, and your Higher Self. It works to raise your vibration and help with ascension.

Associated Chakras: CrownThird EyeThroat, and Heart.

Origin: Brazil

These are ethically sourced and fair trade. Mined by Brazilian locals under fair labour conditions with fair pay, and minimal ecological impact. 


Approximately 1" (10g)

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