The Starseed Oracle Deck


The Starseed Oracle Deck

By Rebecca Campbell

"Starseed Souls have incarnated in many different places across the cosmos, so it’s common for them to feel misplaced in this world or ‘different’ from everyone else. This beautiful oracle has been designed to support Starseeds in their current incarnation on Earth, in this life, and to help them to remember and embody their soul in their physical experience today.

So if you’re dimming your light to fit in, this is your invitation to stop, and instead start embracing the unique light that you are here to share.

Each stunning card will help you connect to the callings of your soul and the guidance of your heart. It’s time to remember who you are from a soul perspective, tune in to the whispers of your soul and turn this guidance into grounded action through intuitive inquiry and energetic activations. This deck will help shine a light on who you came to Earth to be.

The Starseed Oracle box has been consciously designed to do much more than hold your cards. You’ll see that when its lid is removed, a triangle is revealed. The triangle is an ancient mystical shape of many meanings, one is the connection between the unlimited Universe and the groundedness of the Earth. The box is intended for interactive use during card readings. Simply place the lid upside down and rest your selected card/s within its v-shaped cradle."

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