The Jenna Agate Butterfly

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The Jenna Agate Butterfly (1 pc)

Agate is a powerful healing stone that is known for emotional healing, stability, and support. It has incredible grounding properties that bring forth truth and acceptance, while soothing and calming anxieties. Keeping agate nearby invokes honesty, improves focus and memory, develops our ability to analyze, and increases stamina. 

Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth, ascension, transformation, change, self-expression, and the beautiful and delicate nature of life. For myself and my family, they represent a little bit more. On the 17th of June, 2020, we lost my incredibly beautiful, compassionate, and kind little cousin, Jenna, to an unexpected heart issue called Myocarditis just a month after her 18th birthday. If ever there was an angel on Earth, it was her. Jenna was always very interested in and supportive of what I do. When we saw each other we'd often chat about all things mystical, spiritual, and beyond this realm. When our grandfather passed away we spent a lot of time opening ourselves to and interpreting the signs he'd send us from beyond... you know, those little magical moments where you realize that the soul extends far beyond this life. When Jenna left us, she knew that we'd be looking for these "signs" and many of us experienced very moving and serendipitous experiences with butterflies, some so far out of the ordinary that we just knew and felt with utmost certainty that it was her. In honour of my truly beautiful baby cousin, such an innocent and loving soul, proceeds from the sale of this agate butterfly (named after her) will be donated to the Myocarditis Foundation

Associated Chakras: Throat

Origin: Brazil

The Agate Butterflies are free-standing on a bendable metal base with two agate slice wings.


2"- 2.5"

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