The Empath Experience


The Empath Experience: what to do when you feel everything

You're an empath. You feel everyone's feels. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin when working with your empathic gifts. Feeling everything can be overwhelming, but don't worry- there's many tips and tricks to help you out along the way!

The Empath Experience by Sydney Campos is a wonderful tool for any empath to learn to lead a more empowered and balanced life. It teaches you how to protect yourself from energy drainage, feeling overly emotional, toxic energies, and helps you learn how to effectively release. This book is full of tips for exhausted empaths to clear out the fog and reclaim their own personal power! It will help you to better trust in yourself and your gifts, "embrace your intuitive superpowers," and realign with your higher self and purpose. 

Written by Sydney Campos (coach, energy healer, and intuitive strategist.) 

Softcover. 220 pages. 

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