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Second Sight Candle


Second Sight Candle by Madame Phoenix

Made with pure essential oils that resonate with your highest chakra energies to gently open your third eye chakra and stimulate psychic abilities. Burn this when preparing yourself for any scrying, divination, astral, mediumship, or psychic work, during a cleansing, magical bath, or keep it on your altar as the spiritual light that illuminates any ritual. 

Madame Phoenix products are handmade in small batches from premium essential oils and all-natural, locally-sourced, fair-trade ingredients. These magical products are proudly vegan and crafted with minimal ecological impact. Made in Toronto.

Made with soy wax, natural cotton wick, and natural dyes. Contains mugwort, sandalwood, frankincense, violet, and frangipani oils. 

DISCLAIMER: do not use while pregnant or expecting. 



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