Red Amethyst Crystal Point (Choose Yours)

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Red Amethyst Crystal Point (Choose Yours)

Red Amethyst gets its deep red colouration from Hematite. The combination of Amethyst and Hematite brings incredible balancing effects, a sense of calm, clarity, courage, perseverance, strength, passion, and even love. It balances both the root and the crown chakras, keeping you grounded as you explore the spiritual properties of Amethyst. It aids in healing deep emotional wounds and helps to repair interpersonal relationships. Red Amethyst is a crystal of action, assertion, focus, and change. It assists in seeking and pursuing new opportunities, removing apathetic energy and replacing it with affirmative action. 

Associated Chakras: CrownThird Eye, and Root

Origin: Brazil

These are ethically sourced and fair trade. Mined by Brazilian locals under fair labour conditions with fair pay, and minimal ecological impact. 


Pictured in chronological order from lower left to upper right (click the product # for detailed image.)

#1- 2" long (40g)

#2- 2.25" long (49g)

#3- 2.6" long (53g)

#4- 2.7" long (58g)

#5- 3.5" long (76g)

#6- 3.75" long (140g)

#7- 4" long (157g)

#8- 3.5" long (186g)

#9- 4" long (236g)

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