Prehnite Specimen


Prehnite Specimen

Connect with your guides and live a heart-based life with Prehnite!

Prehnite is helpful for connecting with elemental and angelic beings from higher realms. It furthers one's spiritual growth, develops intuition and psychic gifts, and aids with prophecy. 

Prehnite is known to connect the heart and head. Its vibration connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra, allowing you will to be guided by your heart bringing happiness, balance, and calm into your life. This is an excellent choice for energy workers and healers. 

Meditate with this to develop your intuition, communicate with divine beings, and assure that your head and your heart are on the same page.

Associated Chakras: Heart and Solar Plexus

Origin: Tafelkop, Namibia 

These specimens are ethically sourced and were mined from small deposits by hand by small scale miners (families, small groups, and individuals) with no machinery involved, and no noise impact or tree removal. Our supplier has created many jobs for over 800 miners throughout Africa, improving many lives throughout the continent. Their warehouse in South Africa is situated on their 15,000 acre nature protected area and their facilities are entirely solar-powered.


approximately 2"

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