Morganite Tumbled Crystal


Morganite Tumbled Crystal


Morganite is a crystal of love, the emotional body, confidence, peace, abundance, and compassion. It helps you understand the purpose difficult experiences may have within your life and better understand that even the most trying of times are placed along your path for your own growth and betterment. Morganite opens and cleanses the Heart Chakra, filtering through your emotions and releasing any negative vibrations that are not in tune with your higher purpose. It is a gemstone of abundance and light, attracting the "right kind" of love and helping you to build prosperous and loving personal relationships. It can be used to deepen and strengthing existing bonds or attract new love into your life! 

Morganite also helps to raise your own feelings of self-love and personal value. It brings happiness, peace, and emotional balance. It is a crystal of divine female energy, embodying nurturing, loving, and comforting energy. Morganite is useful for learning to let go of tendencies of avoidance, hostility, imbalance in personal relationships, fear, resentment, and anger. If you are looking for a crystal to strengthen your relationships with both yourself and others, bring peace and serenity to the emotional body, heal from grief or loss, or reset and revive the heart, morganite is the healing crystal for you!

Associated Chakras: Heart

Origin: Madagascar

B Grade


Large 1.25"-2"

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