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Mini Azurite Specimen


Mini Raw Azurite Specimen (1 pc)

Strengthen your connection with the divine and deepen your meditations with the powerful energy of Azurite. 

Azurite is a rare mineral with a gorgeous deep blue coloration. It has been regarded as a symbol of status throughout history and has many mystical properties. Azurite is known to enhance creativity, empathy, and compassion as it brings forth expansive and empowering energy. It cleanses and activates the third eye chakra allowing your deep inner wisdom to come through!

Azurite is a powerful meditation tool and can be held in your right hand during meditation to deepen your experience. It invokes a peaceful, balancing inner white light that is as divine as the stone's beauty. It is known to develop astral projection abilities.

Associated Chakras: Third Eye

Origin: Morocco


0.06" - 0.25"

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