Lemurian Quartz Point Necklace


Lemurian Quartz Point Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain

Lemurian Quartz Crystal (also known as Lemurian Seed or Lemurian Star Seed) is a powerful healing crystal that helps us maintain a strong connection with Source. Its name stems from the legendary civilization of Lemuria, and ancient community similar to Atlantis. It is said that the Lemurians programmed these crystals to spread their message of unity and wholeness. It teaches oneness and reminds us that every soul is connected to the same source. It aids with spiritual growth, meditation and dreamwork. 

Lemurian Crystal does not require programming and can be activated itself by rubbing your fingertips on it. 

Perfect for Star Seeds. 

Associated Chakras: Crown and All Chakras

Origin: Brazil


Pendant: 1.5"-2"

Chain: 16" long 

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