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Larimar Pocket Stone (Large)


Larimar Pocket Stone

Larimar is a highly spiritual stone that opens you to new dimensions, and stimulates Earth's evolution. Its tranquil vibration radiates peace, love, and divine feminine energy, making it a wonderful tool for deep meditation. It lifts consciousness and brings harmony and new vibrations to the mind, body, and soul. It effortlessly dissolves spiritual boundaries that restrict the soul's growth, and guides you to your true path and purpose in this lifetime. Larimar also promotes divine and angelic communication, and strengthens your connection with the spiritual realm. It works to heal past-life and present life traumas of the heart, and attracts soul mates. 

Larimar dissolves any and every self-imposed blockages or self-sabotaging tendencies you may have, and helps you to regain control over your life and future. It removes fear and guilt, making way for strength and perseverance. It brings mental calm, great clarity, and a highly creative energy. This stone of the water encourages you to tap into your inner child, let go of your worries, and go with the flow. It connects with Gaia and is especially helpful in aiding women who wish to reconnect with their divine feminine energy. Larimar is a stone for connecting with nature and your inner goddess. 

Position over heart, third eye, and solar plexus chakras to remove attached entities. Position over third eye, crown, throat, and heart chakras to stimulate and heal each chakra.

Associated Chakras: HeartThird Eye, CrownThroat, and Solar Plexus

Origin: Dominican Republic

This Larimar is ethically sourced from a small mine in the Dominican Republic. My supplier has worked with the Peace Corps in economic development of the Dominican Republic and has created many fair-pay jobs for highly skilled local artisans in the region. 


Approximately 2"

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