Tanzanite Tumbled Crystal (Mini)


Tanzanite Tumbled Crystal (Mini)

Tanzanite is a crystal that will aid you along your spiritual journey. Its beautiful energy connects you with spirit, opens up the lines of divine communication, and increases intuition. Tanzanite is a wonderful tool for meditation and allows you to delve deeper within your daily practice. Like other zoisites, it is known to unite head and heart and allows you to live with more compassion and a sense of unconditional love.

This rare crystal provides protection in psychic work and is great for beginners who are looking to expand their intuition and further develop any inherent psychic abilities. It opens the Third Eye while calming and soothing the soul. Tanzanite allows us to intellectualize emotional experiences and send and receive divine knowledge. If you are a light-worker, in a position where you are supporting and comforting others, or looking to expand your intuitive work, tanzanite is the crystal for you! 

Associated Chakras:  Crown, Third Eyeand Heart

Origin: Tanzania, Africa

A Grade

These crystals are ethically sourced and were mined from small deposits by hand by small scale miners (families, small groups, and individuals) with no machinery involved, and no noise impact or tree removal. Our supplier has created many jobs for over 800 miners throughout Africa, improving many lives throughout the continent. Their warehouse in South Africa is situated on their 15,000 acre nature protected area and their facilities are entirely solar-powered.


Extra Small < 0.5"

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