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Kunzite Tumbled Crystal


Kunzite Tumbled Crystal

Kunzite is a crystal of divine feminine energy, the emotional body, and unconditional love. It unites the head and heart and heals the lines of communication between the two. Kunzite is a wonderful stone for people who have taken a step back and blocked themselves off from having prosperous and loving relationships. It assists in releasing the fears associated with interpersonal relationships and allows you to open yourself and your heart to giving and receiving unconditional love. Kunzite radiates a bright, happy, and beautiful vibration of love, serenity, and compassion. 

If you find yourself enclosed in your own protective emotional barriers, have trouble forming deep and meaningful connections with others, wish to open yourself to abundant love, are a mother, in need of heart healing, or looking for a boost of divine feminine energy, kunzite is the crystal for you! 

Associated Chakras:  Crown and Heart

Origin: Brazil

A Grade


Small 0.5"-1"

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