Juniper Cleansing Stick


Juniper Cleansing Stick

Juniper is a highly protective sacred herb that can be used in smoke cleansing to not only clear and cleanse yourself, your belongings, and your space, it also brings in a safe, secure, and positive vibration. Juniper is an excellent choice for smoke cleansing during any lunar workings, special celebrations, or moments where you want a little extra blanket of security. 

These ethical cleansing sticks are made from sustainably-sourced herbs. They provide an admirable alternative to white sage and palo santo which are both endangered species and part of closed cultural practices. Cleanse and clear yourself, your crystals, cards, and your space without contributing to the overharvesting of these sacred plants that are meant to be rightfully used by Indigenous people as part of their spiritual and cultural practices. These alternative smoke cleansing herbs are just as potent and will benefit and help to expand your own practice!



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