Druzy Grape Agate (Particular Piece)

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Druzy Grape Agate (Purple Chalcedony) Large Cluster

Every goddess needs her grapes!

Grape Agate (aka Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony) is a unique mineral that brings inner balance, maturity, and self-control. It aids with deep meditation and assists with achieving Delta and Theta brain-wave patterns. It is great for people who have a tendency to fall asleep while meditating. It heals and opens the Crown Chakra, allowing you to connect with your Higher Source. 

Grape Agate enhances dreams and aids with dream work. It is a crystal of great intuition and understanding. It is connected with goddess energy and the element of fire.

Associated Chakras: Crown

Origin: Indonesia

Photos are various angles of the exact piece you will receive. 


Approximately 6” x 3.5” x 3.5”

720g (1.58lb)

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