Fairy Quartz Mini Cluster


Fairy Quartz Mini Cluster (1 pc)

Bring joy + optimism into your life with the healing Fairy Quartz crystal!

Fairy Quartz has a bright vibration that brings optimism and hope into your life. It recharges and cleanses the auric field, removing negative energy. It instills strength and perseverance through difficult times, allowing you to get through any obstacles you may find along your path. It connects you to divine light, awakening psychic abilities, enhancing lucid dreaming and astral projection, and deepening meditative states. 

It elevates self-confidence and promotes universal love! Fairy Quartz helps you to lovingly let go of the past, healing trauma and negative experiences. It connects your corporeal body to your higher self, aids with ascension, and balances your yin and yang energies.

Associated Chakras: Third EyeCrown, and Higher Crown.

Origin: South Africa


Small 1.5-2.5"


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