Ethiopian Opal


Ethiopian Opal (Rough)

These highly sought after "uncut gems" are known to be some of the most spiritual and powerful stones in the world. 

Ethiopian Opal is a beautiful, colourful, and highly spiritual crystal. Its holographic colouration mimics the soul, holding keys to the Akashic records and divine wisdom from past, present, and future. Ethiopian Opal unlocks latent psychic and spiritual gifts, provides divine support through anything and everything, heals and emboldens the spiritual and physical body, and allows for a deepened connection with one's higher self and source. Ethiopian Opal strengthens intuition, aids with astral projection, and all forms of psychic communication (including precognition/future sight.) 

Ethiopian Opal is protective and provides a strong energetic barrier around you. It stimulates the kundalini allowing you to make massive strides in personal and spiritual development. It balances and activates all chakras and is a powerful meditation aid. 

Associated Chakras: All

Origin: Wollo, Ethiopia


Approx. 2g

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