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Czech Moldavite Chips (1 pc)

Hey Cosmic Queen! Experience the wonders of the Universe, and own a little bit of ancient stardust.

Moldavite is a magical type of Tektite formed 15 million years ago when a meteorite hit our dear Mother Earth near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia (yes, it's that old and yes, it's from space). This is a powerful little stone whose warm energy can be felt immediately when holding it. You may even feel a little spacey when holding or wearing it.

Moldavite has a very intense vibration and is definitely not a beginner's stone. We recommend you slowly acquaint yourself with its wonderous energy, before using it for extended periods of time, or pair it with a grounding crystal (like hematite). 

Moldavite opens and heals the heart chakra, cures Starseed homesickness, comforts empathic souls, and assists with finding your soul's purpose. It is a powerful aid for astral projection, deep meditation, dream-work, intuitive insight, telepathy, and channeling messages from other realms. 

At Hekatos, we are passionate about our moldavite. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Associated Chakras: HeartCrown, and Third Eye

Origin: Czech Republic


Available in 0.1-0.5g pc, 0.5-1g pc, and 1-1.5g pc.

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Missing puzzle piece to my growing crystal collection

This small but mighty piece of moldavite was the missing piece in my growing crystal collection! My guides wanted me to have this powerful gem and I’m so happy I was able to find it through Hekatos.

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