Chrysocolla Tumbled Crystal


Chrysocolla Tumbled Crystal

Chrysocolla is a crystal of new beginnings, change, compassionate communication, and regeneration. Used by royalty in antiquity, this powerful gemstone stimulates personal growth, opens you up to the profound frequency of love, and allows you to connect and communicate with others in an effective, heartfelt, and truthful way. Chrysocolla brings confidence and resilience when faced with major life changes. It cleanses and purifies the auric field of any fear or negative vibration and opens you up to accepting and following your highest purpose. Chrysocolla crystals motivate you to take the steps necessary to bring about these changes and welcome in powerful transformation. 

If you are looking to express your most authentic inner truths, stimulate change or transformation in your life, or adopt a new lease at life, chrysocolla is the healing crystal for you!

Associated Chakras:  Heart and Throat

Origin: Africa

A Grade


Medium 7/8"-1.25"

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