Chime Candle

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Chime Candles for Spellwork

Chime candles are great to use in spellwork and ritual work. Candle magic is an ancient tradition that can also be used in divination work. It is an easy and effective method for beginners and invokes the powerful element of fire into your practice. 

Spell Candle Colours and Meanings: 

White: purification, peace, new moon, and enlightenment

Yellow: confidence, knowledge, travels and journeys, and solar plexus work.

Green: abundance, prosperity, financial matters, success, and heart chakra work.

Blue: healing, health, serenity, calm, intuition, balance, and third eye chakra work.

Purple: spirituality, divine insight, deity work, ancestor work, and crown chakra work.

Pink: love, romance, emotional healing, relationships, and heart chakra work.

Orange: energy, life force, attraction, courage, solar plexus and sacral chakra work. 

Red: love, sexuality, passion, root and sacral chakra work. 

Black: banishing, protection, and energy clearing.


Approximately 4" tall.

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