Chiastolite Tumbled Crystal


Chiastolite Tumbled Crystal (1 pc)

If you find yourself at a crossroad, Chiastolite will protect you and guide you down the right path.

Chiastolite (also known as Cross Stone) is a unique healing crystal with a natural-occurring cross pattern. It is highly protective (particularly against psychic attack). Chiastolite is a powerful meditation aid, it taps into our akashic records and provides past-life healing, and transforms negativity into positivity. It was known in antiquity to ward off the evil eye. Chiastolite restores balance during times of chaos, creating interpersonal harmony. It assists with comprehending our own mortality through this life and past lives. 

Tumbled crystals are versatile and can be kept on display or tucked away! 

Associated Chakras: Third Eye and Root

Origin: Brazil


Medium 0.8"-1.25"

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