Blue Kyanite Tumbled Crystal


Blue Kyanite Tumbled Crystal (1 pc)

This healing crystal does wonders without requiring any maintenance! 

Blue Kyanite has very unique healing and nurturing energies. It protects from negativity, without absorbing negative energy, and does not require any cleansing. It opens and activates the throat chakra allowing freedom of expression and clear communication (in both physical and spiritual means.) It is known to aid in openly communicating with divine beings and spirit guides. 

Blue Kyanite breaks through worries and fears, blockages, and anything that stands in the way from you speaking your truth. It aligns all chakras and brings balance. It encourages stamina and brings energy and perseverance to any task. 

An excellent crystal for public speaking and performance. 

Tumbled crystals are versatile and can be kept on display or tucked away! 

Associated Chakras: Throat

Origin: Brazil


Extra Small 0.5"-0.75"

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