Blue Apatite Sphere (Choose Yours)


Blue Apatite Crystal Ball/Sphere (Choose Your Own Crystal)

Hungry for success? Fuel that appetite with some Blue Apatite!

Blue Apatite is a crystal of manifestation. It works to harness your personal power and help you achieve your goals. It cleanses the aura of any and all negativity, and expands your personal and spiritual wisdom. Its vibration is associated with psychic abilities. It connects with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra to help with clarity in perception and communication. It is also known to help with exploring and healing past lives and karmic cycles. 

Choose your specific crystal (photo of the particular piece will display when its weight is selected).

Associated Chakras: Third Eye and Throat

Origin: Madagascar


#1: approx 2.5" diameter (411g)

#2: approx 2.5" diameter (442g)

#3: approx 2" diameter (208g)

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