Angel Phantom Quartz Mini Point Generator

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Angel Phantom (Amphibole) Quartz Mini Point Generator

Angel Phantom Quartz (also known as Amphibole Quartz) is an extremely rare clear quartz with Hematite, Lithium, Limonite, and Kaolinite inclusions. Its diverse composition makes it a very grounding, relaxing, protective, and intuitive crystal. It calls upon your angels and increases your connection to them, providing divine guidance and encouragement along your path. This crystal point brings clarity, purpose, and direction with its incredibly high and angelic vibration. 

Amphibole Quartz brings divine light into any space. It washes away any fears, self-doubt, or stagnancy you may experience, and ushers in a new age for you! This point also aids with manifestation! You may program any intentions you have into this Angel Phantom Quartz and it will focus your intention through the point, call in you angels for some extra support, and rewire your mind so it is sending out your intention through powerful and positive waves of thought. Hold it between both palms, close your eyes, call in your angels and ask for their support, visualize your intention, and fill your heart with the incredible emotions you will feel when your intention is birthed into existence. Say I am and I have, not I want or I need.

Associated Chakras: Third Eye and Crown

Origin: Brazil 

These are ethically sourced and fair trade. Mined by Brazilian locals under fair labour conditions with fair pay, and minimal ecological impact. 


Mini approximately 1.5" tall

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