$60.00 CAD

7-10 intuitively selected items to help with your intention including small to medium crystals, carved & shaped crystals + other spiritual tools. Perfect for development.

$100.00 CAD

10-12 intuitively selected items to help with your intention including premium medium to large items, carved & shaped crystals + more. The full package for some in-depth development.


It's like a "personal stylist" for your soul. Each Journey Box is filled with intuitively selected items that will help you along your journey, whatever that journey may be! Each and every box is custom curated just for you using a combination of birth chart analysis, empathic intuition, and expert product knowledge. These hand-selected items will help you with your specific intention and guide you along your soul's path. Every journey is different and yours is entirely yours to discover, I'm just here to support you along the way, provide a little astrological insight, and help you find the most suitable tools for your path and intention! 


Each Journey Box contains: 

- Detailed descriptions of the items included in your box as well as an explanation of why they were chose for you and some insight into how you should be using them.

- A personal guide letter that outlines your intention, aspects of your birth chart, and how it may pertain to your intention. Each one is different (as we all have different journeys) but every letter is written with care, consideration, and love. 

- A single-card oracle reading to provide you (and me) with a little insight to where you are along your journey, and to deliver any messages you may need to hear. 

- CRYSTALS (and lots of 'em) as well as other spiritual products and tools to support you along your journey. The number of (and types of items) vary depending on which box you choose:


- 7-10 small to medium items (may include: mini clusters, small carved crystals, tumbled crystals, incense, and more).


- 10-12 items (may include: premium items, one-of-a-kind pieces, small, medium and large items, clusters, carved or shaped crystals, candles, tumbled crystals, incense, and more).



To order a journey box, choose which box you'd like to customize above. Once you reach the selected Journey Box page, you'll see a little form below the description for you to fill out. This is where you input your intention, birth chart information, and choose a few categories you'd like to cover!

Journey Boxes take a lot of time, care, and deep consideration to curate and may take some time to put together before being shipped out. I want to make sure they are the perfect fit for you and your intention and put a lot of effort and love (and several hours) into each and every box. This box should not be ordered with typical e-commerce fulfillment expectations. It is a service, not a product, and orders are subject to wait times depending on the current volume of Journey Box requests. Think of it as scheduling an appointment, not ordering a product. 

For more insight on the process, please visit my FAQ page.

The current estimated fulfillment time is available on each Journey Box page by the "Add to Cart" button. 

PLEASE NOTE: In purchasing one of these boxes, you are securing your place in the queue for fulfillment and essentially scheduling your virtual "appointment" for birth chart analysis, oracle reading, and the selection of tools for your intention. This service can take some time to compile when there are many others waiting for the same experience. The current estimated fulfillment time can be found below the add to cart button on each Journey Box page. In purchasing a Journey Box, you authorize that you understand the nature of this service and that it may take some time to fulfill. Please read the description in detail and refer to the FAQ page for more information on my process and shipping of this personalized service. 

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