sustainable Packaging

As of August, 2019 orders will be packaged and shipped in NoIssue compostable mailer bags. These are:

- made from PBAT (bio-based compostable polymer) + PLA (made up of plant materials, ie: corn and wheat).

- certified compostable everywhere just chuck it in your green bin when you're done, these break down within 90 days.

Other Eco-Friendly Packaging:

- 100% Recycled Chipboard Boxes

- 100% Recycled Packing List Envelopes

-100% Recycled Copy Paper

- 60% Recycled Bubble Wrap (to keep your crystals in tip top shape)

Give & Grow

Starting in July, 2019 we've begun donating a portion of every order to the following wonderful & world-changing organizations:

One Tree planted

In addition to donating a portion of each sale to the above charities, we offer you the opportunity to give back to Gaia and plant a tree for $1 USD ($1.33 CAD) at checkout with One Tree Planted. Thank you for your contributions & for helping to make the world a little greener!

One Tree Planted is currently working to aid with the tragic fires in the Amazon Rainforest. For just $1 USD, you can help plant a tree and contribute to this amazing reforestation project. Lets help our mother earth out and revive her lungs!

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