DO YOU SHIP TO ________?

Yes! I ship worldwide and offer a variety of shipping options via Canada Post. 


Shipping estimates are displayed at checkout and dependent on the method you select. 

Regular orders are typically shipped out within 24 hours but please allow 1-5 business days for me to compile your order as some times may be busier than others and I do everything alone. SHIPPING IS NOT FULFILLMENT TIME. Orders that require personalization, like the Journey Box, take time to compile. Fulfillment time for Journey Boxes varies and can take some time to ship out (this can sometimes be months depending on how many requests there are.) Any items ordered with a Journey Box in the same order will be shipped out once the box is completed and fulfilled. 


If you have placed an order and received a shipping notification, your order has been sent out. If you selected a shipping method with tracking and coverage, you will be able to track it via your tracking code. If there are any issues with your tracked shipping process, please reach out to your postal service or notify me at info@hekatos.ca.  Please note that international orders may be subject to customs processing and that this can sometimes set the delivery date a little behind. I am not responsible for shipping delays once it has been shipped out, I am not the courier service, if there are issues with tracked packages please contact your local mail service. 

If you've selected a shipping method that does not have tracking or coverage (generally the least expensive international shipping rate like air mail or surface shipping,) please note that I am not responsible for your package once it has been shipped. Shipping options are selected at your discretion and if you choose to purchase a shipping method without coverage or tracking, I'm unable to confirm where the package is. I cannot take responsibility for orders without tracking, this is a measure I must take as I am unable to validate whether or not your package was delivered. I am a small business and unable to cover losses that are beyond my control. I will happily provide you with a proof of shipping for untracked packages should you request one. Untracked international shipping generally arrives within 5-15 business days (but may take longer if held up in customs processing.) Please select untracked methods at your own discretion, there are rarely any issues with these methods but should one arise there is nothing I can do once the package is out of my hands. 

If you have ordered a Journey Box and received a confirmation email but not yet received a ship notification, know that your order is in queue for fulfillment. It is not lost, it is not forgotten, it is not "a scam." Please find more information regarding the fulfillment and shipping process of these boxes below.



No, the Journey Box is a one time purchase and not a subscription box. They are meant to provide specific guidance on your intention at a particular point in time. Some people have purchased multiple boxes and you are more than welcome to revisit with a new intention at any point along your journey!


I receive a high volume of emails and messages asking when Journey Box orders will be shipped out or checking in to find the status of their orders. I completely understand the anticipation and am more than happy to answer any questions, but please note that this can be a little overwhelming for me at times. I appreciate your patience when it comes to this highly personalized service. I operate every aspect of this business including sourcing and receiving product, managing the website (photos, written descriptions, etc.,) the completion of each and every Journey Box (from birth chart mapping and analysis to writing the guide letters to hand-selecting each and every item to packaging and taking your orders to the post office.) While I love every minute of what I do and how it brings me an incredible sense of purpose, it is a lot of work and I ask that you take this into consideration. I've compiled hundreds of Journey Boxes since beginning this journey in July of 2019, and each one has been such a gift to put together. This process is both sacred and special to me, and I truly care about making each and every box very special for you.

Current fulfillment time estimates can be found on each Journey Box page under the add to cart button. There has been a lot of interest in this service and I do not want an influx in orders to compromise the quality of the experience. This service is not a pack-and-send method and I am not giant corporation with unlimited resources and staff. I put a lot of love, effort, and energy into each and every box. The trade off for providing such a personalized experience is that it does take a bit of time (especially when I have many boxes to work through.) Your patience and understanding of the amount of effort and energy put into these boxes is greatly appreciated. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to connect with many of you beautiful souls and provide some support along your paths! Please know that I am always doing my very best not to keep you waiting for too long, but there will be times when the wait is a little longer than usual. This is energy work and I need time to refuel and assure that I am able to provide you with the best experience I possibly can. I am a true Virgo and always striving for perfection. I put my heart and soul into these boxes and spend hours working on each and every one. 

This is more than a transaction for me, it's a true passion project and because of my love for what I do, I don't charge for the time I put into these boxes. This is a service I provide because I want to use my gifts to uplift others and the value of the contents within these boxes often far exceeds what I charge for them. Please remember that I am one person who works incredibly hard, and that I do need my own time, boundaries, and space in order to do what I do. While I understand the need to follow up on your orders, please understand that I am a highly sensitive individual and that receiving numerous messages of anticipation can, at times, be quite overwhelming for me and distract me from the fulfillment process.  There are times where I need to put my health first. I have struggled with several illnesses for quite some time and there will be times where I cannot respond to inquiries, fulfillment takes a little longer than usual, etc. I ask that you not overwhelm me further during these times. 

I understand that waiting for things is not something we often have to do in this day and age where everything is available instantaneously. I myself know the eager anticipation of waiting for an online order to arrive, but these types of experiences take time. The Journey Box is not something that can be compiled and shipped out instantaneously, it's something I truly put a lot of effort into. There is no "copy and paste" formula to creating these boxes, I do not cut corners or dish out generic responses. I work on each one in a chronological order and spend as much time as I need to to help bring you clarity and support. Please understand that if you place an order, there are a number of individuals who've placed orders ahead of you that I am putting just as much effort into providing solutions for, and that I need to spend time seeing that their intentions are being fulfilled just as I will do for you. Please understand that there is a person behind this and that I too only have a certain amount of hours within a day and can do only what I am physically capable of doing within that time. If you are looking to receive something quick, I ask that you not purchase this box. I am happy to offer any recommendations for your specific needs at any time via email or store chat. Regular purchases ship out within 24 hours (I often have them packaged within hours of receiving them) and they arrive a lot quicker than these customized boxes. I have a wide range of readily available items for you to purchase. If you're looking for a quick fix, please reach out and I'd be happy to direct you to the items that would work best for you. 


This is not something I can provide or do provide, not because I don't care to, but because I work in a chronological order. The only change in status would be the 3-4 hour window where you box moves from a pending box to a completed box after which you'll receive a fulfillment notification. If you have not received a fulfillment notification, your time has not yet come. I cannot spend my days replying to emails asking for updates, I am busy staying focused and working on your boxes. Due to the fact that I do not have a very high profit margin, I cannot hire and comfortably pay someone a living wage to respond to your email updates. This is the nature of my business, I operate it alone and I cannot spend every waking hour hand-holding and bending over backward for others. As much as I would love to, that's not what I'm here for. If these necessary boundaries disappoint, annoy, or upset you in any way, please take your business elsewhere. This is who I am and what I am capable of, please respect that.  


I start with reading your intention and connecting with your energy. I then use your provided birth information to map out your natal chart and make informed observations on the placements of planets within your chart. This is a mathematical process that takes quite some time to do, but it provides me with a wonderful window into your journey and path. I then do an oracle card reading for further insight into your journey and intention (typically using the Work Your Light oracle deck.) I begin with the last page of your Journey Box letter, writing the card reading. Then I dive into your guide letter and birth chart analysis. I will sometimes also use a tarot deck while writing this letter for further intuitive insight, but do not generally disclose the cards I've pulled as they serve as more of a guide for me to better connect with you. Some messages within the letter are channeled. I then review both the oracle reading and letter and take some time to consider which items would serve you best. I hand-select each item and intuitively choose specific pieces that I feel will connect best with you. I then add each item's description into a table of contents within your letter. From there, I cleanse each item with ethically-sourced sage or palo santo and take some time to charge and attune them to you. I then carefully package each item using sustainable packing supplies, box it all up, pop it into a compostable mailer bag, print out your letter on recycled paper, create a shipping label, and ship it out with love. I then take a moment to see that whatever was put into your box is removed from my stock, give myself a little cleanse and recharge, and move on to the next Journey Box clear and ready to do it all over again! 



I take great measures to ensure I am sourcing from reliable, reputable, ethical, and sustainable suppliers. Since different minerals and crystals originate from different places in the world, it very much depends on the mineral species. Most of our crystals are sourced from various countries within Africa or from Brazil. Everything is sourced from small-scale local miners (families, small groups, and individual rockhounds,) and many of the suppliers I work with are heavily involved in giving back to their communities and ecosystems in such beautiful ways! All the energy surrounding these crystals is full of love and positivity from their journey from the ground to you. You can learn more about the various ethical and sustainable practices involved on the About Us page and sustainability page.

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