Blue Apatite Tumbled Crystal
Blue Apatite Tumbled Crystal Hungry for success? Fuel that appetite with some Blue Apatite! Blue Apatite is a crystal of manifestation. It works to harness your personal power and help you achieve your goals. It cleanses the aura of any and all...
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Dumortierite Tumbled Crystal
Dumortierite Tumbled Crystal Boost your mental energy, intuition, and willpower with dumortierite! Dumortierite stimulates mental functions and boosts intellectual abilities. It is a stone of great patience that helps you to take control of your life and find self-empowerment. It stimulates...
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Angelite Tumbled Crystal
Angelite Tumbled Crystal Angelite (aka Blue Anhydrite) is a crystal of comfort, peace, clarity, and calm. Embodying the frequency of angelic beings, angelite connects you with source and the ethereal realm and provides you with a direct line of communication with...
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