Blue Calcite Sphere
Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere Blue Calcite is a soothing and gentle healing crystal used for relaxation and recuperation. Its wonderful vibration soothes anxiety, releases negative emotions, and calms the nerves. Blue Calcite is also known to aid in clear communication...
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Septeyre Mini Sphere
Septeyre Mini Crystal Sphere Septeyre (also known as Septaria, Septarian, or Dragon Stone) is a grounding and nurturing stone that brings great patience and understanding. It strengthens interpersonal relationships and group dynamics, helping you be more open to the views...
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Arfvedsonite Crystal Sphere
Arfvedsonite Crystal Sphere Awaken your divine light with Arfvedsonite! Arfvedsonite has many healing and metaphysical purposes. It is a crystal of great manifestation, helps to lift your vibration, and connects you with your divine light. It releases blockages within your chakras...
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Blue Apatite Sphere (Choose Yours)
Blue Apatite Crystal Ball/Sphere (Choose Your Own Crystal) Hungry for success? Fuel that appetite with some Blue Apatite! Blue Apatite is a crystal of manifestation. It works to harness your personal power and help you achieve your goals. It cleanses the...
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Moss Agate Sphere (Choose Yours)
Moss Agate Sphere Moss Agate is a stone of abundance and is often referred to as the stone of farmers and gardeners because of its very earthy frequency. It protects the aura, cleanses and balances the emotions, eases emotional pain,...
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