Citrine Point
Heat-Treated Citrine Crystal Point (1 pc) Like citrus for the soul, a little Citrine can give you that extra boost you need! Citrine is known as the light maker. It is a yellow variety of Quartz that recharges the mind, uplifts...
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Angel Phantom Quartz Mini Point Generator
Angel Phantom (Amphibole) Quartz Mini Point Generator Angel Phantom Quartz (also known as Amphibole Quartz) is an extremely rare clear quartz with Hematite, Lithium, Limonite, and Kaolinite inclusions. Its diverse composition makes it a very grounding, relaxing, protective, and intuitive...
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Cacoxenite Crystal Point
Cacoxenite Crystal Point Cacoxenite is a high vibrational healing crystal of ascension. It increases spiritual consciousness and unifies all things. It aids in finding deep significance, beauty, and meaning in everything you encounter, and helps to guide you along your soul's...
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Red Amethyst Crystal Point (Choose Yours)
Red Amethyst Crystal Point (Choose Yours) Red Amethyst gets its deep red colouration from Hematite. The combination of Amethyst and Hematite brings incredible balancing effects, a sense of calm, clarity, courage, perseverance, strength, passion, and even love. It balances both...
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Amethyst Crystal Point
Raw Amethyst Crystal Point (1 pc) Your mind will always be clear when Amethyst is near. Amethyst is a crystal of relaxation, intellect, insight, trust, and clarity. It is a powerful aid for meditation. This crystal calms & balances the crown...
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