Polychrome Jasper Palm Stone


Polychrome Jasper Palm Stone

Stoke your inner fire with Polychrome Jasper!

Polychrome Jasper (also known as Desert Jasper) is a stone of fire bringing passionate, purposeful, determined, vivacious, and creative energy to the table. It is especially interesting as it ignites your spirits because it also keeps you grounded, stabled, and connected with Gaia. This wonderful stone will give you solid roots and revitalized energy, allowing you to leap forward with confidence and remain stable while exploring your adventurous side. How fun! This is a great tool for reinventing yourself, rebirth, and inviting new love into your life. 

Associated Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, and Sacral.

Origin: Madagascar 

These crystals are ethically sourced and were mined from small deposits by hand by small scale miners (families, small groups, and individuals) with no machinery involved, and no noise impact or tree removal. Our supplier has created many jobs for over 800 miners throughout Africa, improving many lives throughout the continent. Their warehouse in South Africa is situated on their 15,000 acre nature protected area and their facilities are entirely solar-powered.


approximately 2" (100g)

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