Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

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strawberry full moon in sagittarius

on June 17th, 2019

Get ready for a massive shift in energy! 

The Strawberry Full Moon (a.k.a the Lover's Moon, Strong Sun Moon, or Honey Moon) blooms big & bright on Monday, June 17, 2019 in Sagittarius. It will be our last full moon before eclipse season begins! While the Sun is finishing up its final stretch in light and social Gemini, the full moon will rise with flaming hot fire power! In other words, this moon is very blunt and will expose the highest truth with dynamic and assertive energy. If you're unprepared, it may be a little overwhelming (think traditional full moon, howling at the moon vibes). That's not necessarily a negative thing, in fact, this strawberry full moon is quite positive! 

On June 14th, Mars swings into position opposing Saturn. While the two typically butt heads (Mars being assertive and eager, and Saturn being the polar opposite-- cautious and full of impenetrable borders), when they work together they can make for highly productive planning for the long-term! In other words, if you're feeling any delays, blockages, or constrictions leading up to the full moon, be patient and try to balance out those energies! This leads perfectly into what the full moon in Sagittarius is all about, and it will help you in manifesting what you put out into the Universe during the Gemini New Moon.

Full moons are all about closure and completion, if you're a lunar lover then you most definitely already know this. This full moon will bring any blockages along your path to light. It will be extremely obvious about it, too. It's time to understand what you've outgrown and let it go! There's no turning back with this one. You may find yourself falling back into old habits or stale cyclical routines. Remember that it's okay if you slip up (nobody's judging), but you're regressing for a reason and that reason is to learn. Pay attention to what the Sagittarius full moon is telling you, and ride the wave. It will present you with a preview of what is to come, help you sort through your fantasies and bring the attainable ones into fruition. 

We've created a full moon ritual to help you maximize the fiery power of the Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius!

1. Light it up and lighten up 

This ritual starts, as all great rituals do, with smudging. Cleanse and clear yourself and your space with a smudging tool of your choice: sage, palo santo, or smudging spray will do the trick. Remember to set your intention and invite positivity and light.

Next, light a candle. It's best to choose a candle that represents the blockages in your life that you wish to clear up. You can make your own and attune it to your intentions, or (if you don't have the time to get a little crafty) use a pre-made candle. When in doubt, black or white candles are the way to go. If you have specific intentions, here's a helpful candle color code: 

Red: sexuality, passion, and willpower

Yellow: creativity, confidence, and happiness

Pink: love, friendship, and unity

Green: finances, fortune, and health

Purple: psychic ability, spirituality, and connecting to your higher self

Orange: motivation, attraction, justice, and thought patterns

Blue: truth, intuition, patience, and meditation

Black: negativity, protection, and closure

White: purity, cleansing, higher power, divine guidance, spiritual power, and peace

You can anoint your candle with appropriate essential oils, and take a few moments with it between your palms while you focus on setting your intentions into it.

2. Reflect, reflect, and reflect some more

Once you've lit your candle, gaze into the burning flame and take some time to focus and reflect on what has been going on in your life. Make note of what you are grateful for and take a minute to bask in that gratitude (so you can positively charge yourself up for the next step). 

Next, consider your defeats and downfalls. What's stale and no longer serving you? What repeat patterns occur in your life that have been negatively influencing you? What can you do to improve? Harness the willpower and determination to make positive changes. Be a little selfish and be mindful of where your energy typically goes and whether or it serves you and your goals.

You can write down what you'd like to release and then physically dispose of it (after the ritual) if it suits you. It's best to get rid of it (safely) by fire, or away from your home in running water.

After it's all out take a moment to meditate and visualize all of your blockages releasing from you and dissipating into the Universe. Next, visualize your desired outcome and feel it. There are no time restrictions or minimums here, do what feels right for you and enjoy the process! 

Let the candle burn away all of your blockages. Try not to blow it out, but always remember-- safety first!

3. Heal with crystals

Incorporate a little crystal healing into your ritual. You can hold the crystals while meditating or use an appropriate crystal wand to heal chakra blockages. Remember to cleanse your crystals before and after ritual use! With the Sun in its full, glorious swing, we highly recommend charging them up in sunlight prior to the full moon, and cleansing them in the glorious moonlight when your ritual is complete. 

Our top healing crystal and gemstone choices for the Sagittarius Full Moon are:

Aquamarine: this water element healing crystal keeps your motivation flowing and gives you the confidence to tackle any difficult task (especially releasing old habits). It has very calming and soothing properties, and will help tone down that fiery Sagittarius energy.

Pyrite: it brings wealth, good fortune, and protection. It aids with divine guidance, manifests divine masculine energy, and stimulates the third eye chakra. Pyrite is a great gemstone for self-control and achieving your goals!

Moonstone: is a balancing healing crystal that carries the divine feminine energy of the moon. It helps reduce aggressive tendencies which will make it a lot easier for you to let go and release the old.

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