New Moon in Leo


On July 31st, 2019 at (synchronicity lovers, hold onto your hats) 11:11pm ET (8:11pm PT) we will experience the second New Moon of the month. When one month has two new moons, the second is referred to as a Black Moon. Black Moons are known to be auspicious and optimistic, bringing for a great energy for alchemy and manifesting your deepest desires. If you have a bad case of retrograde blues, it's seriously time to shake it off and begin focusing on your intentions for the upcoming cycle.


We've gone through a bit of an astrological nightmare through the eclipses and retrogrades, now is the time to take a step back and discover what we've learned through the chaos. Mercury will also be moving direct on the same day, however we'll still be in the retrograde's shadow period until mid-August, so don't be surprised if you have a couple of lessons left to learn. 


This New Moon in Leo brings forth big heart energy and a lot of love. During this time, Venus will be conjunct to the Sun and Moon. It will be bringing messages of love and urging us to spread our love. We'll also have Mars in Leo, which will bring with it a fiery passion that encourages us to truly fight for what (and who) we love. We're asked to match the Universe's frequency as we move from water to fire; are we radiating enough love? How can we be a warrior of love? What does your heart have to share with the Universe? Try to make love your default frequency for this period. 


The Black Moon in Leo will also bring a lot of creativity to the table. This is a period of great beauty and a time to truly let your light shine. We're asked to consider what we can do to illuminate the world, and we're asked to leave our egos behind while doing it. Uranus will be square to the Sun, Moon, and Venus, which will create a great sense of uniqueness and individuality. We'll find beauty in places we never thought we would. This alignment may also leave some of us feeling a little restless and bored in our current situations, and will have us seeking deep transformation or alternative lifestyles. If you're craving something more, this would be a great time to open yourself up and begin to explore it. 


This New Moon is full of bold and brave energy that will help us work up the courage to really analyze our patterning and the cycles we've been subconsciously cycling through. It's time to stop tumbling about and start identifying where things are not working. If you didn't get the memo through eclipse and retrograde season, you'll get very clear messages now. Listen to them and take action. This is a great time to consider leadership and where you are leading yourself. It's a time to challenge power and establish ourselves as empowered co-creators of our own Universe. The North Node in Cancer will bring compassion and empathy to power. Whether we're exploring and considering our own personal power, or challenging the systems set in place for us, we'll begin to see a shift in control from ego-driven to heart-based leadership. It's time to start demanding a more empathetic style of leadership where we exercise compassion for all living beings. 


As we move out of watery Cancer and into fiery Leo, we are called to move forward and create in the physical. Water is about fantasy and fire is about action. It's time to begin embodying who you want to be and begin taking action to get you where you want to go. This period is about focusing on building a quality foundation, reaching out for your intentions, committing to things that are working for you, and releasing whatever is broken and cannot be fixed. Immerse yourself and connect yourself to your positive new patterns, walk through the new doors that are being opened for you, don't think-- just flow! If you allow yourself to remain fixated on things that have already proven themselves to be stale and stagnant, you'll miss the wonderful new opportunities that life is throwing your way. Step into your new role, and know that you are worthy of it. 


Why are you still reading this? Get out there! Do it now!

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