Mercury Retrograde July 2019


It's that time again...

On July 7th, 2019 at 7:14am (ET), Mercury does that little thing where it looks like it's moving in reverse and totally messes with just about every aspect of our lives. We've learned to fear this time when technology begins to fail us, communication becomes extremely difficult, and everything just kind of falls apart entirely. 

While retrogrades bring chaos, there is much that grow from it! Rather then succumbing to the chaos and locking yourself away for the rest of July, we've devised a little plan to help you get through this little blip along your path. 

1. Listen to your emotions!

This retrograde begins during Cancer season, which means that emotions will run high, exes may reappear, life may get a little confusing, and you'll be on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. It's important to feel what you're feeling, but also reflect on why you're feeling it. Emotions are our soul's sensor showing us what no longer serves us, and what we are truly passionate about. Pay attention to how the people you surround yourself with are making you truly feel. This is a great period of time for a little heart healing. As we reflect backward, we may realize crucial things about ourselves and others that require a little attention. Old karma will resurface and this is an opportune moment for you to settle it once and for all. Not everything that surfaces during Mercury retrograde is negative, and while it may seem intense, there may be something to gain from the experience. Listen to what your heart is truly telling you, not the preconceived notions you've set up in your mind. Feel, don't think.

2. Remember that good things can come from change, and that changes propel you along your path!

This is a season of massive shifts and the chaos set forth from this retrograde is actively working to help get you back on track. Lean into it! Go with it! Remove yourself from the chaos, sit back and watch it unfold. If you bind yourself to the past and try to cling onto it, you'll just find yourself amidst the chaos. When you remove yourself from it and allow yourself to trust the process, you will get by comfortably and reap the rewards. 

3. Use Chiron's retrograde to your advantage!

On July 8th, the asteroid Chiron also goes retrograde. When this occurs, our most sensitive struggles come to light and we are given the opportunity to heal them. Our oldest and deepest wounds, the ones that have really been setting us back, will finally have the opportunity to be healed. Recognize that pain for what it is and take a moment to meditate on it. Why is it there? How has it held you back? What do you need to do to release it or heal it? This asteroid is present in all of our birth charts, and, if you're savvy enough to determine where it falls in yours, it can be very beneficial to your healing process. Once you've determined where Chiron was during your time of birth, you can see how it may affect you here.

4. Have a plan & be open to what is presented to you. 

If you know you're particularly susceptible to Mercury's influence, it's important to be adequately prepared and open to what the universe is trying to tell you. Much like physical injuries, emotional injuries are a sign that something is not right within us. If something or someone hurts you, your emotional response to it signifies that it may no longer serve you. Listen to what is being told. Absorb and reflect, and do not act until you know you should. Be prepared for old wounds to open, know that you'll feel things, and don't let those feelings get you down! They're there for a reason. When you are in tune with higher guidance, nothing can harm you. If you know certain situations will cause you to act in a certain way, avoid those situations or take a moment to truly understand why they yield that reaction. You know that you know what's what deep down, you just have to do the shadow work to fully grasp the reality. Don't fight the flow because you'll be pulled with the current whether you're ready or not. Accept all that comes to you as a learning lesson and grow from it. 

5. Meditate daily.

During this time, it is of utmost importance to take a little bit of time to ground and centre yourself. Get into a routine of introspection. Look at where you are, visualize where you want to be, identify the obstructions along your path and watch them fade away in your mind's eye. If you take 15 minutes each morning to clear your mind and soothe your soul, tackling this retrograde will be a lot easier! This is your journey of ups and downs, be sure that you are ready for it and that you are aligned with your higher self. Take those few moments away from the rest of the world and remind yourself that you are deserving, grateful, and present in your own life. Be calm and confident through it all and know that you're staying true to yourself. Focusing on your throat chakra is also recommended during meditation at this time as it will help clear away any issues with communication.

6. Call in the crystals!

Attuning to the powerful vibrations of certain crystals is always beneficial during Mercury retrograde. Our go-to's are: 

Fluorite: known to keep the mind in focus, this crystal will help you harness your communication skills during this period of wonky communication. It is also beneficial with all things electro-magnetic, and can help relieve some of those technological blues. 

Green Aventurine: this lucky gemstone will help stabilize your mind through the chaos of retrograde, it'll keep you optimistic when you feel like going ballistic and it'll charge you with the energy you need to make it through!

7. Try a little aromatherapy!

Burning incense can help soothe the soul, aid with meditation, and help you get right back on track with ease. We're burning our Breezy burn sticks throughout this retrograde. They serve as a powerful meditation aid that invokes wisdom, enhances communication, and propels movement + fluency. These will help keep communication clear + help you move through this retrograde!


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