Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn



On July 16th at 5:38pm (ET), we will experience the Full Buck Moon (also known as the Thunder Moon or Blessing Moon) and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. This full moon will force us into some very critical thinking and deep consideration, leading to some big alterations in the way we live our lives. Are you ready for the transformation?

full buck moon and partial lunar eclipse in capricorn- july 2019


The Full Buck Moon in Capricorn will also be accompanied by a partial lunar eclipse (which is, of course, when the Earth's shadow falls onto the moon). This eclipse will amplify the Moon's energy and supercharge it so that its effects are much stronger than your average full moon. The Full Buck Moon and lunar eclipse combo will bring forth a powerful energy that will (not so gently) encourage you to consider what truly brings you happiness. We're not talking about what you think makes you happy, we're talking about what the Universe knows is right for you. This Moon will challenge your preconceptions and show you the ultimate truth. Try to approach this period with an objective sense of detachment as the Sun in Cancer brings up a whirlwind of emotion that can cloud your vision. 


Eclipses present an amazing opportunity for some serious transformation. Their energy brings about a time to let go of what you once may have thought was for you. Take some time to reflect on what is no longer working in your favour and find the courage to release old attachments that may be weighing you down. The Moon in Capricorn relates to our careers, and (as we mentioned) the Sun in Cancer relates to our emotions and personal life. This combination will present us with an opportunity to consider our work/life balance. Is your job bringing you down? Is your personal life affecting your career? Now is the time to take this balance into deep consideration, it's time to act and improve within these areas. What best serves your ultimate well-being?


This period encourages us to consider our own spirituality. Try to incorporate a little spiritual work into your everyday routine. Take a few moments to meditate daily or connect with nature in whatever way suits you best. This connection with the spiritual realm and with Gaia will aid you in your ultimate transformation during this time. You may find inspiration that will encourage you to move forward along your life path and connect you with a sense of divine oneness. 


With the current planets in retrograde (Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, and Pluto), we must exercise extra caution in how we react to things during this time. Turbulent emotions and miscommunications may cause us to be a little hot-tempered. It is important to think before we speak or act, and to not react based on our emotions alone, as it can cause a little trouble. On a more positive note, this period of retrograde can be helpful with integration. Depending on where these planets fall in your birth chart, you may find that those areas are moving slowly or at a bit of a standstill. This will allow you to really reflect on those areas and reassess how they impact your life. For example, if Saturn is in your Ninth House, you may be doubting your personal philosophies and perspectives. This is a good time to look back and reflect; the challenges that retrograde presents are there to help us grow. You are given the ability to go back over the details and recognize signs or patterns that may have been previously overlooked. Lean into what this retrograde is telling you and grow from it! It will help you going into this eclipse.


Periods of darkness bring forth an intense energy and this eclipse is certainly no exception. We will be forced into deep introspection, it's time to put in a lot of work so that we can emerge into the light as reinvented versions of ourselves. This eclipse will help us get back on track if we have strayed off our path, or it will help us fast-track forward toward abundance and happiness. Remember that what you give is what you get. Unlike the eclipse earlier this month (which was a North node eclipse), the Full Buck Moon lunar eclipse will be a South node eclipse. This means that the message of letting go of what no longer serves you will be reenforced. It will illuminate things that were once unknown to you and really help you to release toxic habits, patterns, and relationships that have been slowing you down. 


During this Full Moon, the Moon will be conjunct Pluto which means there will be a lot of intense emotion. Brace yourself! It may be difficult, but without this intensity we wouldn't learn what we need to learn to continue forward. Additionally, the moon is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn which is square to Aries (just as the Sun and Moon will be square to Aries). Aries is revolutionary and rebellious, and uses disruption to help us grow. It's a time of questioning conventions and authority (whether it be within yourself or within your community). Things will be shaken up a little, but it will be for the best. If your life seems a little turbulent, know that good will rise from the ashes. If things were peachy all the time, we wouldn't want to change and we'd never grow. 


While solar eclipses are tied with beginnings, lunar eclipses are associated with endings. They bring forth great turning points in life and some big decisions. Such powerful events require detailed attention, as eclipses act as a navigator that guides us along our life path. They bring a sense of polarization and wherever we choose to focus our attention will be what we bring into existence. If we focus on the chaotic aspects of this season, we will accept and invite more chaos, whereas if we learn from what is being exposed to us and take affirmative action in moving forward, we will continue to grow. That's why we really mean it when we tell you to really make time for serious introspection, and why we've advised you not to act rashly or emotionally without thinking it out first. What you don't reject, you accept, so be mindful of what you are accepting into your life and don't hesitate to let go of things that are proving to be detrimental to your well-being. Take time to look at the bigger picture. 


The Full Buck Moon partial lunar eclipse will give us the need for profound accomplishment. We'll know we want to do something big. If we are not moving in the right direction, we will feel it with every ounce of our being. This is why it is important to connect with ourselves during this eclipse and really listen to what our Higher Selves are telling us. We are our own greatest guide and abundance can be unlocked when we listen to our inner truth. This period will really amplify our potential for manifestation. 


Buck Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Ritual


1. Smudge your space and yourself.

Start your meditation off with smudging your aura and your space. You can use sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, whatever suits you best. This will cleanse and clear negativity and any other attachments this chaotic astrological period has brought upon you. While smudging, invite and envision a warm and soothing white light entering your room and your heart. 

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